Evergreen Briefing Paper - Global Energy and Emissions Scenarios

to appear in Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria

Draft 1 prepared by Kirthi Roberts, Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, UBC, with input from CFGS (Dr. A.R. Dobell, Dr. Barry Carin, C.L. Abbott, & Dr. Peter Heap

Published: March 2007

Keywords: energy demand, energy scenarios, populations, economics, intensity, Hydrogen Economy, Energy


Within a range of plausible alternative futures to which energy policy in British Columbia may have to respond, continuing strong growth in global population and income is seen as driving substantial increase in demand for energy services. There is a wide range of possible values for rates of improvement in energy intensity and in carbon intensity. Intense focus on research and policy initiatives that can lead to more rapid reduction in primary energy requirements for energy services and per dollar of output, and on reduction also of carbon intensity, can be anticipated as central in any response to this outlook. There is little consensus as to the actual scale or evolving mix of energy sources that might be considered plausible in the evolution of the global energy system to the end of this century.

Disciplines: Environment, Governance

Publication: Evergreen--072-Energy-Scenarios_final.pdf