Effects of Climate Change on Coastal Aquaculture in British Columbia: An Examination of Anticipated Impacts in the Strait of Georgia

Edson Anselmo Jose

Published: December 2012

Keywords: aquaculture, British Columbia, Straight of Georgia, Climate Change, Geography, University of Victoria, Southern Oceans Education and Development, SOED, Technology and International Development, Water, Oceans Governance, Climate Sciences, Climate Scenarios, Climate Predictions, Climate Adaptation Strategies


Climate change is one of the factors that pose new challenges to the sustainability
of the capture fishery and aquaculture sector around the world. As concerns over the impacts of climate change on ecosystems have been increasing over the last few decades, this study investigated how anticipated changes in climatic conditions would affect Manila Clams and Pacific Oysters bottom culture in British Columbia (BC) and assessed the extent to which the environmental databases that have been assembled by various agencies and institutions in BC could support this type of analysis.

Disciplines: Environment, Science and Technology, Sustainability

Publication: Edson-Effects-of-Climate-Change-on-Coastal-Aquaculture-in-British-Columbia-An-Examination-of-Anticipated-Impacts-in-the-Strait-of-Georgia.pdf