Unitarian Talk

Derek Fraser

Published: February 2015

Keywords: Ukraine, Russia, Unitarian, Soviet Republics


On February 8, 2015, Derek Fraser delivered a talk to the Unitarian Church in Vancouver, BC. He discussed the current stage of relations between Ukraine and Russia. See below for a brief description.

Talk given to the Unitarian church on 8 February 2015

The news from Ukraine remains grim. In order to understand where events may take us in the future, it is worth reviewing what has led to the present struggle between Russia and Ukraine.

What lies at the root of the contest was described in a talk given in August 2013 by Ruslan Pukhov, author of an authoritative study of the new Russian Military Doctrine, and the head of a think tank associated with the Ministry of Defence. He stated that, under the Russian national strategy, Russia's renaissance as a great power requires the restoration of its dominance over other former Soviet republics.

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Disciplines: Governance, Human Security, Security and Conflict

Publication: Derek Fraser Unitarian Talk 7.pdf