Conference on the Restoration and Development of the Iraqi Marshlands. Amman, Jordan. 16-19 September, 2006

Centre for Global Studies

Published: September 2006

Keywords: Conference, Iraq, marshlands, wetlands, restoration, environment, sustainability, Amman, Jordan, Iraqi Marshlands, Bilateral Relations


The purpose of this document is to provide a synthesis of the Conference on the Restoration and Development of the Iraqi Marshlands to form the basis of future Iraqi-Canadian cooperation on the Iraqi Marshlands.
The Iraqi Marshlands is the largest wetlands in southwest Asia and has been recognized as one of the world's most exceptional ecosystems. Over the past two decades, there was a deliberate draining of the wetlands by the previous regime that resulted in significant ecological, social and economic impacts to the region. By 2000, the surface area of the Marshlands had been reduced to 14% of its original size. The international community, together with the Iraqi people, has placed great emphasis on the restoration of the Iraqi Marshlands as part of the overall reconstruction of Iraq. The purposes of the Conference were to bring Iraqi stakeholders together to contribute to decision making processes in the new Iraq and to identify the main strategic issues regarding the Marshlands over the next four years.

Disciplines: Environment, Governance

Publication: Iraqi-Marshlands.pdf