Concern for Working Children Report

to appear in International Institute for Child Rights and Development

Bhima Sangha and The Makkala Panchyats

Published: December 2002

Keywords: child, children, labour, work, working, struggle, history, empowerment, Child Abuse, Education


The history of working children is an oral and visual one. Stories and drawings capture the essence of their movement, however, the details are often not recorded, particularly information regarding children's strategies and enabling structures. Therefore, The Concerned for Working Children (CWC) and members of the Bhima Sangha and Makkala Panchayats have attempted to address this gap in documentation by carrying out a comprehensive environmental scan of the structures, processes, and agency of children's organisations, specifically the Bhima Sangha and the Makkala Panchayat. Children are the primary researchers, gathering data and synthesising their findings to present an accurate and appropriate picture of their own organisational history.

Disciplines: Child Rights