Chinggis Khan's Quest for Security: Tribe, State and Empire Presentation

Dr. Robert Bedeski

Published: March 2013

Keywords: Chingghis Khan, security, Multilateral Relations


Established approaches to human security prove inadequate because, first, they derive largely from Western European experiences in state-making, and second, often involve "thinking like a State". From this premise, security is fundamentally based on the vulnerability of individual existence, and can be defined as "prolonging life, postponing death". This presentation examines Chinggis Khan success in surviving a perilous life presiding over a unified state and empire by illustrating family, tribal, and political inputs into his longevity. Co-sponsored with the Centre for Global Studies, the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives and the Department of Political Science.

Disciplines: Human Security

Publication: BEDESKI-Chinggis-Khan-presentation-March-12-2013.pdf