Busy Women's Guide to the Internet

to appear in International Women's Rights Project

Kelly Mannix

Published: January 1999

Keywords: women, internet, sites, communication, information, technology, software, search, guide, on-line, databases, bibliographies, networks, activism, resources, directories, organizations, research, institutes, UN, CEDAW, human, rights, Human Rights, Gender Equality, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Civil Society


Women's Non-Governmental Organizations, activists and researchers have become adept at harnessing the global potential of the Internet as a powerful and necessary extension of their existing tools to communicate, exchange ideas and organize for change. Despite some of the difficulties and frustrations that may occur when becoming acquainted with the Internet, this technology holds vast potential for enhancing and advancing the collective struggle for women's human rights. This guide was written to assist the CEDAW Impact Study and Network NGOs using the Internet as part of the IWRP.


Publication: http://www.iwrp.org/busyguide.htm