Barriers to the "Global Aggregation" of Civil Society Organizations: Challenges to creating a collective voice for Global Civil Society

to appear in Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria

Shayla Hall

Published: October 2006

Keywords: globalization, globalisation, civil society, voice, challenges, NGO, IGO, Civil Society


Civil Society Conference, Waterloo, Ontario, October 17-19, 2006

The premise is that in order to have increased impact in current international governance, global civil society (GSC) must aggregate their advocacy efforts. Currently, the sheer number of NGOs operating internationally and the diversity of their voices would overwhelm the capacity of International Government Organizations (IGOs) receptive to integrating civil society voices into decision making. Without a legitimate mechanism through which to seek the input of civil society, IGOs are most likely to hear the strongest, best resourced and most politically connected voices, namely those of large, northern NGOs

Disciplines: Governance

Publication: Barriers-to-Aggregation_Hall.pdf