Accountability of the International Monetary Fund

to appear in Ashgate Publishing/IDRC

Barry Carin and Angela Wood

Published: June 2005

Keywords: IMF,accountability,parliaments,governance,civil society,MDG


Recent years have seen calls for increased accountability in the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF has recently taken some modest steps in the areas of evaluation and audit. The organization is generally perceived to be lacking in its adaptation to the new policy and governance frameworks demanded by increasing globalization. In relations across the Executive Board, IMF staff, the governments it serves, and civil society, the Fund has avoided its proper share of responsibility for failed policy prescriptions, and has little incentive to adapt or improve its operations.

This volume brings together leading experts from North America, Europe, Africa and SE Asia to further the debate on the various dimensions of accountability of the IMF to its various shareholders and stakeholders. Having fully explored how the notion of accountability can be pragmatically applied to the IMF, it then tests various alternative approaches and puts forward recommendations for more effective and accountable future practice.

Disciplines: Governance