Bev Glover Greenhouse Research Facility

Ben Glover Greehouse

Our flagship research facility is the Bev Glover Greenhouse, a state-of-the art greenhouse on the UVic Campus. The 603-square metre building houses six computerized climate-controlled greenhouses to accommodate research in the Centre for Forest Biology. It supports research projects in all areas of tree biology and physiology, but especially those requiring strict control of light and temperature. The facility can also accommodate research on light responses of plants, experiments with native tree pathogens and insect pests, growth via aeroponics for root culture, and seedling-mycorrhizal interactions.

The greenhouse compartments allow for control of light and temperature, can also be used to manipulate CO2 or other gases. It features automatic watering and nutrient delivery systems, blackout curtains, and a misting chamber. The service area contains 16 environmental chamber, as well as workspace for media and soil preparation, plant propagation, and analysis and harvesting.

The greenhouse was funded by a grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the B.C. Knowledge Development Fund, UVic and the private sector.

All users must read and review the Bev Glover Greenhouse Facility User Guidelines.

Forest Biology Faculty and students can apply/revise use of the Greenhouse Facility:
Application for New Use of Growing Space and Facilities Form
Existing Project Extension/Revision Request Form
Material Request-Usage Information Form

Outdoor Compound on Cedar Hill X Road

Our outdoor compound allows scientists to run long term experiments using local weather parameters.