Dr. Real Roy

Dr. Real Roy
Assistant Professor
Centre for Forest Biology, Biology

BSc (Quebec), PhD (McGill)

Area of expertise

Molecular biology and microbial ecology of soil


  • molecular biology and microbial ecology of soil

My scientific work is concerned with the understanding of the role of microbial populations in the biogeochemistry of nitrogen and carbon (methane) in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems at various spatial scales. More specifically, I am interested in the multiple ecological interactions that may happen between: 1) the methane-oxidizing bacteria and the ammonium-oxidizing bacteria, and 2) the denitrifying bacteria and the methane producing archae. These relationships are important in relation with the regulation of trace gas exchange between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and the atmosphere. They are also a major factor in the fate of nitrogen as a nutrient in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Finally they are important in the degradation of organic matter from natural or anthropic sources in soil or sediment.

Research group


YearJournal titleTitleAuthors
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