Old Stone

February 07, 2017
09:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Community event
Silvercity - 3130 Tillicum Rd

Presented by CAPI and part of the Victoria Film Festival

Old Stone (China)

7 February
Silvercity Tillicum

Johnny Ma, making his directorial debut, creates a gripping thriller from a Chinese legal issue – if you hit a pedestrian you become responsible for their medical rehabilitation. Cab driver Lao Shi (Chen Gang) finds himself caught in the system after a traffic accident downtown. Rather than taking flight, he stays, calls for help that doesn’t come, and then takes the victim to the hospital. As the bills mount, Shi loses his cab, his job and soon his family as everyone turns their back on him. The situation gets even worse when the victim’s wife deceptively removes all of their money from the bank so the accounts look bare. Shi represents the working-class man who’s driven by compunction rather than some noble ideal. Starting as a social-realist drama, Old Stone/Lao Shi at the midpoint shifts into psychological waters as something snaps inside Shi. Ma with great effect dramatizes Shi’s moral quandary within a society imbued with chilling callousness. He creates a film whose heightening tension will leave viewers on the edge of their seat.

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