After the Storm

February 10, 2017
09:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Community event
The Vic Theare - 808 Douglas Street

Presented by the Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives and Part of the Victoria Film Festival

After the Storm (Japan)
The Vict Theatre
10 February

Ryota Shinoda was once a successful and well-regarded writer. These days he’s a lot more like his shiftless father before him – Weekdays, he works as a sketchy detective and on weekends he tries to pawn his mother’s belongings when she’s not looking. She’s widowed though and doesn’t have much to lose anyway so she happily tolerates him. Ryota is trying to mend bridges with his estranged wife so he can spend more time with his son. And he’s also trying to mend bridges with his sister, since he may have had a hand in her failed marriage. Unfortunately, neither of these women has much patience for him any more.

Then, on the evening a typhoon is due to make landfall, Ryota’s old family finds itself forced together for one more night in his mother’s tiny apartment. What follows is not what anyone expected, but it may be just what they need to move on.

Modern master Kore-eda (Our Little Sister, Like Father Like Son) returns to VFF once again with yet another great film. His insightful eye on the modern family shares the caring and sensitivity of his spiritual predecessor Yasujirô Ozu (Tokyo Story). Free of melodrama yet always marked by tenderness, Kore-eda never tries to fix the inevitable. Instead, he shows us the best moments within it.

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