Withdrawal from UVic

A student may be suspended or required to withdraw from the University at any time for failure to abide by the University's regulations.

Refer to the Calendar entry for each faculty's regulations concerning mandatory withdrawal.

Withdrawal for unsatisfactory progress

Undergraduate students who have been placed on probation and whose progress is considered unsatisfactory may be required by their faculty to withdraw from the University for the remainder of the session.

A sessional grade point average and academic standing are assigned at the end of each session and are based on all final grades awarded (including N grades) during the session. Please see sessional grade point average and academic standing for information regarding minimum sessional grade point average standards.

Students required to withdraw for unsatisfactory progress will be notified by Undergraduate Records.

Students who are required to withdraw may submit an appeal to the Senate Committee on Admission, Reregistration and Transfer.

Voluntary withdrawal

If the academic drop deadline has passed and your academic courses are affected by extenuating circumstances such as illness, accident or family affliction, you may wish to request an academic concession.

Before withdrawing, students are encouraged to:

If you decide to withdraw:

  • Undergraduate students should drop their courses online and notify Undergraduate Records.
  • Graduate students must apply in writing to the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • Law students should email the .

Contact Undergraduate Records for more information

Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Inquiries 250-721-8121 JCC A115 studentsupport@uvic.ca
Acting Director, Undergraduate Records James Wigginton 250-721-8121 JCC A125 dirreco@uvic.ca

Business, Human & Social Development

Records Clerk Val Oleson 250-721-8133 JCC records1@uvic.ca
Records Clerk (Business applications only) Beth Rea UVC reco1@uvic.ca

Humanities, Science, Social Sciences

Records Officer, Humanities Karsten Provan 250-472-5073 JCC A123 uro4@uvic.ca
Records Officer, Science Alejandra De La Hoz 250-721-8652 JCC uro6@uvic.ca
Records Officer, Social Sciences Kelly McBeath 250-472-4625 JCC A129 uro2@uvic.ca
Records Clerk - last name A-G Abby Winograd 250-721-8137 trifac1@uvic.ca
Records Clerk - last name H-O Devin Stark 250-721-8139 trifac2@uvic.ca
Records Clerk - last name P-Z Chriss Jones 250-853-3588 trifac3@uvic.ca


Records Officer Trish Birney 250-721-8134 JCC A131 uro3@uvic.ca
Records Clerk Bianca Widmer 250-721-8138 JCC reco3@uvic.ca

Engineering, CSC

Records Officer Jeni Norris 250-721-8120 JCC uro5@uvic.ca
Records Clerk (CSC) Beth Rea 250-472-5568 JCC reco1@uvic.ca
Records Clerk (BEng, BSEng) Bianca Widmer 250-721-8138 JCC reco3@uvic.ca

Fine Arts

Records Officer Karsten Provan 250-472-5073 JCC A125 uro4@uvic.ca
Records Clerk,(AHVS, Visual Arts, Theatre) Chriss Jones 250-853-3588 JCC records3@uvic.ca
Records Clerk,(Music, Writing) Abby Winograd 250-721-8137 JCC records3@uvic.ca


Records Officer Alejandra De La Hoz 250-721-8652 JCC uro6@uvic.ca
Records Clerk Devin Stark 250-721-8139 JCC reco5@uvic.ca
Records Officer Anna Gardziejewska 250-721-6536 JCC A127 uro1@uvic.ca

Graduation Services

Administrative Coordinator Kellee Strom 250-472-4623 JCC A118 degrees@uvic.ca