Student responsibilities

The University of Victoria places some expectation on the students to carry out their outlined responsibilities. For full university policies, you can refer to the academic calendar.

Attendance and cancelation

If you did not attend classes, do not assume that you have been dropped from a course by a department or an instructor. Courses that are not formally dropped will be given a failing grade, you may be required to withdraw, and you will be required to pay the tuition fee for the course.

  • Departments reserve the right to cancel the registration of any student who is not able to demonstrate that all course prerequisites have been met, or who fails to attend a course within the first seven calendar days from commencement of the course.
  • Not all departments or instructors will choose to exercise this option.
  • A student who, for medical or compassionate reasons, is unable to attend a course during the first seven calendar days from the commencement of the course may apply to the department/instructor within that time to confirm registration in the course.

Course selection responsibility

Students are responsible for:

  • choosing courses that conform to their intended or declared program requirements and University regulations
  • ensuring there is no discrepancy between the declared program they are following and their academic record in Online tools
  • taking only those courses in which they are registered
  • checking the calendar description for prerequisites, restrictions and references to duplicate, mutually exclusive or cross-listed courses: credit will not be assigned more than once except as indicated below

Students who have credit for courses taken at UVic more than seven years ago must consult with the appropriate departments and/or the appropriate advising centre to ensure they do not duplicate courses that now have a different number.

Declaring attendance elsewhere

Students who have attended another post-secondary institution since their last attendance at UVic must submit an official transcript of all studies undertaken (including withdrawn/incomplete and/or failed status) by the first day of classes in the session.

Failure to disclose attendance at college, university and other post-secondary institutions and to submit, in a timely fashion, official transcripts of courses taken may result in one or more penalties.

Duplicate/ mutually exclusive course registration

Students are solely responsible for checking calendar descriptions, including those for assigned transfer credit, prior to and after registration, for any reference to duplicate, mutually-exclusive or cross-listed relationships (e.g. “formerly,” “not open to...”).

  • Courses that are similar in content are identified in the course title with the notation “formerly” or “formerly part of...” or contain a note within the course description such as, “credit will be granted for only one of…XXX and XXX.” Credit will not be assigned more than once in these courses.
  • You will only receive credit for the same course more than once if the Calendar states that a course may be taken more than once for credit.
  • For Government Student Assistance purposes, courses identified as duplicate/mutually exclusive will not be included in your confirmed registration unit total.
  • If your registration drops below 4.5 units of confirmed courses per term (excluding waitlist courses) you will not qualify for Government Student Assistance.

If you have questions regarding your Government Student Assistance status, contact Student Awards and Financial Aid, University Centre at 250-721-8423.

Final examinations

The final examination timetable is posted online by the end of October for first term exams (December) and by the end of February for second term exams (April).

Students should wait until the final exam timetable is posted before making travel or work plans.

Outstanding financial obligations

If you have overdue accounts you will not be allowed to register (add courses) until these accounts are paid. However, if you have an overdue account, you can drop courses before the academic deadline using Online tools.

Overdue accounts may be from tuition and related fees including:

  • those to the UVSS
  • traffic fines
  • library penalties (including lost books)
  • Health Services
  • residence rentals and other charges
  • rotating loans through Student Awards and Financial Aid
  • other amounts placed for collection by University departments through Tuition Fees.

Failure to pay full fees (due September 30 for first term and January 31 for second term) by the published deadlines may result in the cancellation of course registration and denial of services. The University of Victoria does not accept credit cards for the payment of tuition fees or acceptance deposits. Cancellation of course registrations does not cancel your fee obligations. See "Fees" and "Payment of Accounts" in the UVic Calendar.

Voluntary withdrawal

An undergraduate student who after registration decides to withdraw from the University may benefit from discussing this decision with Undergraduate Records.

Students are encouraged to visit Counselling Services to discuss their decision and their Faculty Advising Centre to discuss their academic status and prospects before dropping their courses online. Also, please see the Academic Calendar entry "Academic Concessions".

Students in the Faculty of Law should speak with the Dean.