Appeals and concessions

An appeal is a formal, written request that a regulation be waived for extenuating circumstances. Before launching an appeal, make sure that you understand why there is an appeal procedure. For full university policies, refer to the academic calendar.

Undergraduate appeals and concessions

Academic concession

Request an academic concession if your course requirements are affected by unexpected and unavoidable circumstances, or conflicting responsibilities.

Fee reduction appeal

If you believe an administrative error occurred or have extenuating circumstances, you may wish to request a retroactive course drop and fee reduction.

Admission appeal

If you were denied admission or readmission to the University and feel that you have extenuating circumstances or can provide additional information, you may wish to appeal the decision.

Graduate academic appeals

Graduate students must be continually registered with UVic. However, you can request a leave of absence for personal reasons or for medical, parental or compassionate reasons.

If you need more time to complete a course, talk to your instructor about an extension.