With our next day turn around for posters we can get you set for a presentation, and leave you extra time to work on your design. Full colour prints will make your presentation look professional and you can do it on a budget too! We can accommodate many different poster sizes but for the most common 48" x 36" standard conference poster the pricing starts at 30$.  Have a look at the different options listed below.

40LB Bond Paper - a thicker weight paper similar to a card stock (matte) - $30
Polypropylene - tear/water resistant poster paper (matte) - $37
GF Photopaper - semi-gloss poster paper - $51

When you're ready to submit your poster for printing please send it as a PDF to  and let us know:

  1. which material you'd like it printed on
  2. your deadline

For helpful tips on assembling and submitting your poster please have a look at our Poster Presentation Guidelines