Department of Printing Services

Introducing Digital Storefront

Digital Storefront has replaced Printing Services online ordering website. Its much faster and more user friendly.

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Send Us Your Feedback

We strive for excellence and appreciate any comments you have about the service you receive

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Personal projects welcome!

Decals, business cards, signs, banners and much more are available for personal projects as well as campus projects.

Bring your Printing to life!

Printing Services is proud to announce the arrival of our new digital press, the Xerox Versant 2100. This machine allows us to increase our speed, lower our cost and cut our downtime for repairs. We also have included a backup machine to maintain our workflow.

Blink Wide Format Printing

Blink is centrally located downstairs in the Bookstore and can offer unique printing options such as stickers, posters and bannerstands.

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UVic Edge Faculty Colours

UVic edge faculty colour business cards now availabe through our online ordering site.

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Digital Storefront

Please note that Printing Services has updated our online ordering site. In order to gain access to the new site please visit and fill in all required fields.

Visit to access and order your personal UVic Edge Stationery or place any printing order.

If you require a quote please download the printing requisition or wide format requisition fill out all required fields and email it to .

UVic Edge business cards are now available with your departmental block colour on the back. Visit our online ordering site to place your order today. If you're not signed up for online order please visit our registration page and fill in all fields.

image of department block colours

The Edge is here! Get your new UVIC Edge stationery available through our online ordering site. Templates currently include business cards and letterheads, with envelopes coming soon.

image of edge stationery

Printing Services is proud to offer braille printing. This feature is offered through our online ordering site. Simply type out your information on the business card of your choice, then download the PDF when completed. image of edge braille card

Next navigate to the braille business card product and fill in your personal information that you require in braille. Please read over the instructions and character limits. Lastly attach your original business card you downloaded earlier and we will pair the business card with the braille.