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University of Victoria Men’s XC & Track at Golden Bear Invite

University of Victoria Women’s XC & Track at Golden Bear Invite

Biochemistry & Microbiology Seminar - Dr. Rommie Amaro

Dr. Rommie Amaro
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, California USA

"Computational Microscopy of SARS-CoV-2 in situ "

Please Note: This seminar is Virtual on Zoom, please contact for meeting details.

LGBTQIA+ community support group

Connect with peers and build community in this group for UVic students

Visual Impetus 2022 Art as Witness: Challenges and Opportunities

Visual Impetus 2022
Art as Witness: Challenges and Opportunities *

25th Annual University of Victoria Art History and Visual Studies Graduate Conference


As humans face challenges on a local and global scale, visual media has become a vital witness for our encounters and experiences. Visual languages can channel the unspeakable, call out trauma andcall upon others to act. We propose that art can also bring hope, healing, and new opportunities.

Join us on Zoom to hear from graduate students and early career researchers as we reflect on these themes. All students, staff andcommunity members welcome.

Featuring keynote address from Art Historian, Curator, Author and Expert Consultant on British Columbian Art: Professor KerryMason.

Friday 21 stJanuary 4.30pm-7.30pm (PST)

Saturday 22 ndJanuary 9.30am-4pm (PST)

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More information and official programming will be made available on our official website:

*Due to current health and safety concerns, this year's conference will be online-only.

Visual Impetus is generously supported by the University of Victoria Graduate Students Society, The Faculty of Graduate Studies, and The Faculty of Fine Arts. With many thanks to the Department of Art History and Visual Studies for their contributions.


It's a daunting task to play one of the most famous most photographed and recorded figures of the 20th century — which makes Kristen Stewart's career-best, nomination-worthy, heartbreakinglyeffective performance in Pablo Larraín's Spencerall the more impressive. Lorrain has created a truth-inspired but largely fictional biographical fable centering on just a few days. The story takes place in 1991 over a three-dayChristmas weekend at Sandringham Estate. The jazzy score by Jonny Greenwood sets the tone for the cacophony of sounds in Diana's inner world, Spenceris an exquisitely designed, beautifully photographed and at times hauntingly surreal story.

University of Victoria Men’s XC & Track at Golden Bear Invite