The University of Victoria’s Radioisotope Safety Program works to ensure the safe and knowledgeable handling of radiation hazards in teaching and research environments.

Who can use radiation?

Users must be a valid permit holder or authorized personnel listed on a Radioisotope Permit.

Radioisotope Permit

Faculty members must apply for a Radioisotope Permit prior to purchasing, using, or storing radioactive materials. Please contact Troy Hasanen at

Radiation Safety Training

The following individuals are required to attend the Radiation Safety course:

  • Any individual working with radioisotopes
  • Radioisotope Permit Holders

Students or staff working in the lab but not using radioisotopes are also recommended to attend the training.  

The Inventory Database was decommissioned as of November 8, 2018.  Please use the new "Unsealed Radioactive Materials Inventory" Excel sheet (below) to track the use of your radioisotopes.  Contact Troy Hasanen regarding access to purchase orders, radioisotope tracking records or any other inquires.