All Class 3B and Class 4 lasers are registered through the UVic Laser Safety Program offered by the office of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment. The program is designed to provide students, staff and faculty with the knowledge to operate and work safely around Class 3B and 4 laser systems. The program is held to the high standards of provincial (WorkSafeBC) and national (ANSI) regulations.

Registration & inventory

All Class 3B and Class 4 lasers/laser systems at UVic are required to be registered with OHSE in order to provide an adequate laser safety program for users. To register your equipment please complete the Laser Registration Form and submit it to the laser safety officer at .


Due to the potential hazards of working with high risk laser radiation, all Class 3B and Class 4 laser operators are required to complete OHSE Laser Safety training in addition to supplemental laser-specific training provided by their supervisor.

It is recommended that individuals operating a Class 3B or 4 laser receive a baseline eye exam prior to starting work with lasers.  

Laser systems should be classified by the manufacturer prior to purchasing. If you own or are purchasing a laser please refer to the table below summarizing important information about each class.  

Laser Class



Considered incapable of producing damaging radiation levels during operation.


Considered incapable of producing hazardous exposure conditions during normal operation unless the beam is viewed using collecting optics (e.g. telescope).


Emits in the visible portion of the spectrum of light (400 – 700 nm).


Same conditions as Class 2, however, potentially hazardous if beam is viewed using collecting optics.


Potentially hazardous under certain direct and specular viewing conditions.


May be hazardous under direct and specular viewing conditions.    Generally not a fire hazard or capable of producing LGACs.


Hazard to the eye or skin from direct beam, may pose a fire hazard or diffuse reflection hazard. Capable of producing LGACs and hazardous plasma radiation.