Lab inspections

lab inspection checklist has been developed to assist departments and OHSE to help identify and correct any potential safety issues and ensure compliance with WorkSafeBC.

Inspections should be completed on the following schedule: 

  • Each department or P.I. is required to conduct at least one formal documented self-inspection of their labs annually. 
  • To complete a self-inspection, review and answer all questions in Section A of the checklist. If departmental-specific items are required, please add them to section B. Additional comments can be provided in Section C. Completed inspection reports should be kept in the lab for review.

OHSE will conduct inspections of all labs annually, to supplement the self-inspection process, and to ensure any specialized inspections are also completed.

For more information, please contact OHSE at  or 250-721-8971.

Click here to access your OHSE laboratory inspections:

Lab Inspections database