Lab decommissioning

When a laboratory is vacated, moved to another location, or renovated, it must be left in a condition that is safe for the new occupants and non-lab workers involved in renovations and/or removal of surplus equipment. As part of this process, please ensure the lab owner or department completes the laboratory decommissioning/close-out form prior to vacating your lab and send a copy of the signed form to

Additional instructions

  • All biological materials are to be removed and all exposed surfaces cleaned with a suitable disinfectant (e.g. 1% bleach).
  • To arrange for decontamination of a biosafety cabinet, contact Jaclyn Davidson at  or 250-472-5478.
  • All chemical containers are to be removed and exposed surfaces (e.g. fume hoods, bench tops, cabinets, etc.) decontaminated with an appropriate cleaner. Mild soap and water is suitable for most situations.
  • Contact Troy Hasanen, or 250-721-8875 after surfaces/equipment have been decontaminated and wipe tested.
  • Place a tag on any laboratory equipment (e.g. fume hoods, storage cabinets, etc.) that have been decontaminated. Ensure all sections of the tag have been filled out and the tag is visible on equipment.