Hearing conservation program

The hearing conservation program is designed to reduce the noise exposure of workers to a safe level and prevent hearing loss, tinnitus, and accidents attributable to the inability to hear work instructions or warning bells.

The program applies to all workplaces at the University of Victoria where:

  • Employee noise exposure equals or exceed 85 dBA Lex daily noise exposure level
  • Employee noise exposure equals or exceed 140 dBC peak sound level 

When should I request a noise survey?

How loud is 82 dBA?  

  • If you have to raise your voice to carry on a conversation, then the noise level may be over 82 dBA.
  • When workers are or may be exposed to noise above 82 dBA, the hearing protection officer must be contacted to measure the noise level. 

For more information, please contact Graham Rhodes at grhodes@uvic.ca or 250-721-6525.