Recently published neuroscience research conducted in the Division of Medical Science by our faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students.

2020Marie-Eve TremblayAn antibody for analysis of autophagy inductionTian W, Alsaadi R, Guo Z, Kalinina A, Carrier M, Tremblay ME, Lacoste B, Lagace D, and Russell RC.
2020Marie-Eve TremblayMicroglial physiological properties and interactions with synapses are altered at presymptomatic stages in a mouse model of Huntington's disease pathologyavage JC, St-Pierre MK, Carrier M, El Hajj H, Weiser Novak S, Sanchez MG, Cicchetti F, and Tremblay ME.
2020Marie-Eve TremblayVascular contributions to 16p11.2 deletion autism syndrome modeled in miceOuellette J, Toussay X, Comin CH, da F. Costa L, Ho M, Lacalle-Aurioles M, Freitas-Andrade M, Liu QY, Leclerc S, Pan Y, Liu Z, Thibodeau JF, Yin M, Carrier M, Morse CJ, Van Dyken P, Bergin CJ, Baillet S, Kennedy CR, Tremblay ME, Benoit YD, Stanford WL, Burger D, Stewart DJ, and Lacoste B.
2020Marie-Eve TremblayNeuronal hyperactivity dampens neuronal intrinsic excitability and stress responsiveness during chronic stressMatovic S, Ichiyama A, Igarashi H, Salter E, Sunstrum J, Wang XF, Henry M, Kuebler E, Vernoux N, Martinez-Trujillo J, Tremblay ME, and Wataru I.
2020Marie-Eve TremblayPlatelets release mitochondrial antigens in systemic lupus erythematosusMelki I, Allaeys I, Tessandier N, Lévesque T, Cloutier N, Laroche A, Vernoux N, Becker Y, Hadrien Benk-Fortin, Julien AS, Zufferey A, Labelle ER, Poirier G, Patey N, Soulet D, Tremblay ME, McKenzie S, Lood C, Fortin PR, and Boilard E.
2020Marie-Eve TremblayImpact of TREM2R47H variant on tau pathology-induced gliosis and neurodegenerationGratuze M, Leyns CEG, Sauerbeck AD, St-Pierre MK, Xiong M, Kim N, Remolina Serrano J, Tremblay ME, Kummer TT, Colonna M, Ulrich JD, and Holtzman DM.
2020Marie-Eve TremblayMicroglial and peripheral immune priming is partially sexually dimorphic in adolescent mouse offspring exposed to maternal high fat dietBordeleau M, Lacabanne C, Fernández de Cossío L, Vernoux N, Savage JC, González-Ibáñez F, and Tremblay ME.
2020Marie-Eve TremblayLevodopa partially rescues microglial numerical, morphological, and phagolysosomal alterations in a monkey model of Parkinson’s disease.Lecours C St-Pierre MK, Picard K, Bordeleau M, Bourque M, Awogbindin IO, Benadjal A, Gonzalez Ibanez F, Gagnon D, Cantin L, Parent M, Di Paolo T, and Tremblay ME.
2020Marie-Eve TremblayAlterations in intrinsic and synaptic properties of hippocampal CA1 VIP interneurons during agingFrancavilla R, Guet-McCreight A, Amalyan S, Hui CW, Topolnik D, Michaud F, Marino B, Tremblay ME, Skinner FK, and Topolnik K.
2020Marie-Eve TremblaySex differences of microglia and synapses in the hippocampal dentate gyrus of adult mouse offspring exposed to maternal immune activationHui CW, Vecchiarelli HA, Gervais E, Luo X, Michaud F, Scheefhals L, Bisht K, Sharma K, Topolnik L, and Tremblay ME.
2020Marie-Eve TremblayEssential omega-3 fatty acids tune microglial phagocytosis of synaptic elements in the developing brainMadore C, Leyrolle Q, Morel L, Delpech JC, Greenhalgh AD, Lacabanne C, Bosch-Bouju C, Bourel J, Thomazeau A, Hopperton KE, Beccari S, Sere A, Aubert A, De Smedt-Peyrusse V, Lecours C, Bisht K, Fourgeaud L, Gregoire S, Bretillon L, Grant NJ, Badaut J, Gressens P, Sierra A, Butovsky O, Tremblay ME, Bazinet RP, Joffre C, Nadjar A, and Layé S.
2020Marie-Eve TremblayThe Intellicage system provides a reproducible and standardized method to assess behavioral changes in cuprizone-induced demyelination mouse model. Behavioral Brain ResearchCisbani G, Poggini S, Laflamme N, Pons V, Tremblay ME, Branchi I, and Rivest S.
2020Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)Ankyrin-B p.S646F undergoes increased proteasome degradation and reduces cell viability in the H9c2 rat ventricular cardiomyoblast cell lineChen L, Choi CSW, Sanchez-Arias JC, Arbour LT, Swayne LA.
2021Marie-Eve TremblayLeigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)Purinergic signaling in nervous system health and disease: Focus on pannexin 1Sanchez-Arias JC, van der Slagt E, Vecchiarelli HA, Candlish RC, York N, Young PA, Shevtsova O, Juma A, Tremblay MÈ, Swayne LA.
2021Marie-Eve TremblayLeigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)A Systematic, Open-Science Framework for Quantification of Cell-Types in Mouse Brain Sections Using Fluorescence MicroscopySanchez-Arias JC, Carrier M, Frederiksen SD, Shevtsova O, McKee C, van der Slagt E, Gonçalves de Andrade E, Nguyen HL, Young PA, Tremblay MÈ, Swayne LA.
2020Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)Identification of the Neuroinvasive Pathogen Host Target, LamR, as an Endothelial Receptor for the Treponema pallidum Adhesin Tp0751Lithgow KV, Church B, Gomez A, Tsao E, Houston S, Swayne LA, Cameron CE.
2020Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)Consideration of Pannexin 1 channels in COVID-19 pathology and treatmentSwayne LA, Johnstone SR, Ng CS, Sanchez-Arias JC, Good ME, Penuela S, Lohman AW, Wolpe AG, Laubach VE, Koval M, Isakson BE.
2020Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)PANX1 in inflammation heats up: New mechanistic insights with implications for injury and infectionSanchez Arias JC, Wicki-Stordeur LE, Candlish RC, van der Slagt E, Paci I, Rao PPN, MacVicar BA, Swayne LA.
2020Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)Pannexin 1 Regulates Dendritic Protrusion Dynamics in Immature Cortical NeuronsSanchez-Arias JC, Candlish RC, van der Slagt E, Swayne LA.
2020Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)ATP triggers macropinocytosis that internalizes and is regulated by PANX1Boyce AJK, van der Slagt E, Sanchez-Arias JC, Swayne LA.
2021Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)Treponema pallidum Disrupts VE-Cadherin Intercellular Junctions and Traverses Endothelial Barriers Using a Cholesterol-Dependent MechanismLithgow KV, Tsao E, Schovanek E, Gomez A, Swayne LA, Cameron CE.
2019Patrick Nahirney (DMSC)High-resolution immunoelectron microscopy techniques for revealing distinct subcellular type 1 cannabinoid receptor domains in brainPuente, N., I. Bonilla-Del Río, S. Achicallende, P.C. Nahirney and P. Grandes.
2019Patrick Nahirney (DMSC)Brian Christie (DMSC)Endocannabinoid long-term depression revealed at medial perforant path excitatory synapses in the dentate gyrusPeñasco S, Rico-Barrio I, Puente N, Gómez-Urquijo SM, Fontaine CJ, Egaña-Huguet J, Achicallende S, Ramos A, Reguero L, Elezgarai I, Nahirney PC, Christie BR, Grandes P.
2019Brian Christie (DMSC)Patrick Nahirney (DMSC)Acute slice preparation for electrophysiology increases spine numbers equivalently in the male and female juvenile hippocampus: a DiI labeling studyTrivino-Paredes JS, Nahirney PC, Pinar C, Grandes P, Christie BR.
2019Brian Christie (DMSC)Patrick Nahirney (DMSC)Intermittent ethanol exposure during adolescence impairs cannabinoid type 1 receptor-dependent long-term depression and recognition memory in adult micePeñasco S, Rico-Barrio I, Puente N, Fontaine CJ, Ramos A, Reguero L, Gerrikagoitia I, de Fonseca FR, Suarez J, Barrondo S, Aretxabala X, García Del Caño G, Sallés J, Elezgarai I, Nahirney PC, Christie BR, Grandes P.
2019Patrick Nahirney (DMSC)Time and exposure to serotonin affect releasability of recycled vesicles at crayfish claw opener muscle synapsesBilkey J, Nahirney PC, Delaney KR.
2019Hector Caruncho (DMSC)Lisa Kalynchuk (DMSC)Exploring the Potential Antidepressant Mechanisms of TNFα Antagonists.Brymer KJ, Romay-Tallon R, Allen J, Caruncho HJ, Kalynchuk LE.
2019Hector Caruncho (DMSC)Lisa Kalynchuk (DMSC)Patterns of Membrane Protein Clustering in Peripheral Lymphocytes as Predictors of Therapeutic Outcomes in Major Depressive DisorderCaruncho HJ, Rivera-Baltanas T, Romay-Tallon R, Kalynchuk LE, Olivares JM.
2019Hector Caruncho (DMSC)Lisa Kalynchuk (DMSC)Novel Approaches to the Neuropharmacology of Mood Disorders. Front PharmacolCaruncho HJ, Kalynchuk LE, Loza MI, Olivares JM.
2019Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)Craig Brown (DMSC)Pannexin 1 regulates network ensembles and dendritic spine development in cortical neuronsSanchez-Arias JC, Liu M, Choi CSW, Ebert SN, Brown CE, Swayne LA.
2020Craig Brown (DMSC)Susceptibility to capillary plugging can predict brain region specific vessel loss with agingSchager B and Brown CE.
2021Craig Brown (DMSC)New Vistas in Stroke Research: Targeting the endothelium to restore blood flowReeson P and Brown CE.
2021Craig Brown (DMSC)Microvascular basis of cognitive impairment in type 1 diabetesSharma S and Brown CE.
2021Craig Brown (DMSC)Invasion of Phagocytic Galectin-3 expressing macrophages in the diabetic brain disrupts vascular repairMehina EMF, Taylor S, Boghozian R, White E, Choi S, Cheema M, Korbelin J, Brown
2021Craig Brown (DMSC)Longitudinal functional imaging of VIP interneurons reveals sup-population specific effects of stroke that can be rescued with chemogenetic therapy. Motaharinia M, Gerrow G, Boghozian R, White E, Choi S, Delaney K, and Brown CE.
2021Brian Christie (DMSC)Exercise hormone irisin is a critical regulator of cognitive functionMR Islam, S Valaris, MF Young, EB Haley, R Luo, SF Bond, S Mazuera, RR Kitchen, BJ Caldarone, LEB Bettio, BR Christie, AB Schmider, RJ Soberman, A Besnard, MP Jedrychowski, H Kim, H Tu, E Kim, SH Choi, RE Tanzi, BM Spiegelman, CD Wrann.
2021Brian Christie (DMSC)Heading in the Right Direction: A Critical Review of Studies Examining the Effects of Heading in Soccer PlayersSnowden, T. Reid, H. Kenny, RA. McQuarrie, A. Stuart-Hill, L. Garcia-Barrera, M. Gawryluk, J. Christie, BR.
2021Brian Christie (DMSC)Effects of prenatal ethanol exposure on choline-induced long-term depression in the hippocampusEL Grafe, CJ Fontaine, JD Thomas, BR Christie.
2021Brian Christie (DMSC)Chronic AdipoRon Treatment Mimics the Effects of Physical Exercise on Restoring Hippocampal Neuroplasticity in Diabetic MiceThomas H Lee, Ahadullah, Brian R Christie, Kangguang Lin, Parco Ming-fai Siu, Li Zhang, Ti-fei Yuan, Pragya Komal, Aimin Xu, Kwok-fai So, Suk-yu Yau.
2021Patrick Nahirney (DMSC)Brian Christie (DMSC)Unlocking the brain: A new method for Western blot protein detection from fixed brain tissueJonathan S Thacker, Delaney Andersen, Stanley Liang, Natalia Zieniewicz, Juan S Trivino-Paredes, Patrick C Nahirney, Brian R Christie.
2021Brian Christie (DMSC)Understanding Changes in Hippocampal Interneurons Subtypes in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer's Disease: A Systematic ReviewH.M.O. Reid, N. Chen-Mack, T. Snowden, B.R. Christie.
2021Brian Christie (DMSC)Prenatal alcohol and cannabis exposure can have opposing and region-specific effects on parvalbumin interneuron numbers in the hippocampusHMO. Reid,TM. Snowden,I Shkolnikov, KR Breit, C Rodriguez, JD Thomas, BR Christie.
2021Patrick Nahirney (DMSC)Brian Christie (DMSC)Acute Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol prompts rapid changes in cannabinoid CB1 receptor immunolabeling and subcellular structure in CA1 hippocampus of young adult male miceItziar Bonilla-Del Río, Nagore Puente, Amaia Mimenza, Almudena Ramos, Maitane Serrano, Leire Lekunberri, Inmaculada Gerrikagoitia, Brian R Christie, Patrick C Nahirney, Pedro Grandes.