Recently published neuroscience research conducted in the Division of Medical Science by our faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students.

2017Hector Caruncho (DMSC)Lisa Kalynchuk (DMSC)Selective plasticity of hippocampal GABAergic interneuron populations following kindling of different brain regions.J.J. Botterill, N. Nogovitsyn, H.J. Caruncho, L.E. Kalynchuk
2017Lisa Kalynchuk (DMSC)Hector Caruncho (DMSC)Cyclical corticosterone administration sensitizes depression-like behavior in rats.K.A. Lebedeva, H.J. Caruncho, L.E. Kalynchuk
2017Hector Caruncho (DMSC)Cytokines dysregulation in schizophrenia: A systematic review of psychoneuroimmune relationship.D. Rodrigues-Amorim, T. Rivera-Baltanás, C. Spuch, H.J. Caruncho, A. González-Fernandez, J.M. Olivares, R.C. Agís-Balboa
2018Lisa Kalynchuk (DMSC)Hector Caruncho (DMSC)Peripheral Etanercept Administration Normalizes Behavior, Hippocampal Neurogenesis, and Hippocampal Reelin and GABAA Receptor Expression in a Preclinical Model of Depression.K.J. Brymer, E.Y. Fenton, L.E. Kalynchuk, H.J. Caruncho
2016Craig Brown (DMSC)Patrick Nahirney (DMSC)Ultrastructural analysis of blood-brain barrier breakdown in the peri-infarct zone in young adult and aged miceP.C. Nahirney, P. Reeson, C.E. Brown
2017Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)Novel Variant in the ANK2 Membrane-Binding Domain Is Associated With Ankyrin-B Syndrome and Structural Heart Disease in a First Nations Population With a High Rate of Long QT SyndromeL.A. Swayne, N.P. Murphy, S. Asuri, L. Chen, X. Xu, S. McIntosh, C. Wang, P.J. Lancione,D Roberts, C. Kerr, S. Sanatani, E.Sherwin, C.F. Kline, M. Zhang, P.J. Mohler, L.T. Arbour
2017Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)P2X7 receptor crosstalk regulates ATP-induced pannexin 1 internalization.A.K.J. Boyce, L.A. Swayne
2017Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)Upregulation of inflammatory mediators in the ventricular zone after cortical stroke.A.N. Gunton, J.C. Sanchez-Arias, E.O. Carmona-Wagner, L.E. Wicki-Stordeur, L.A. Swayne
2017Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)Regulation of Pannexin 1 Surface Expression by Extracellular ATP: Potential Implications for Nervous System Function in Health and Disease.L.A. Swayne, A.K.J. Boyce
2018Leigh Anne Swayne (DMSC)The prolyl isomerase FKBP25 regulates microtubule polymerization impacting cell cycle progression and genomic stability. D. Dilworth, G. Gudavicius, X. Xu, A.K.J. Boyce, C. O'Sullivan, J.J. Serpa, M. Bilenky, E.V. Petrochenko,C.H. Borchers, M. Hirst, L.A. Swayne, P. Howard, C.J. Nelson
2017Craig Brown (DMSC)Optogenetic rewiring of thalamocortical circuits to restore function in the stroke injured brainK.A. Tennant, S. Taylor, E. White, C.E. Brown
2018Craig Brown (DMSC)VEGF signaling regulates the fate of obstructed capillaries in mouse cortex.P. Reeson, K. Choi, C.E. Brown
2018Paul E. Zehr (EPHE)Time course of inter-limb strength transfer after unilateral handgrip training.T.S. Barss, T. Klarner, G.E. Pearcey, Y. Sun, E.P. Zehr
2018Paul E. Zehr (EPHE)Effects of a compression garment on sensory feedback transmission in the human upper limb.T.S. Barss, G.E.P. Pearcey, B. Munro, J.L. Bishop, E.P. Zehr
2017Paul E. Zehr (EPHE)Spinal Cord Excitability and Sprint Performance Are Enhanced by Sensory Stimulation During Cycling.G.E.P. Pearcey, S.A. Noble, B. Munro, E.P. Zehr
2018Paul E. Zehr (EPHE)Rhythmic arm cycling training improves walking and neurophysiological integrity in chronic stroke: the arms can give legs a helping hand in rehabilitation.C. Kaupp, G.E.P. Pearcey, T. Klarner, Y. Sun, H. Cullen, T.S. Barss, E.P. Zehr
2017Paul E. Zehr (EPHE)Beyond the Bottom of the Foot: Topographic Organization of the Foot Dorsum in Walking.T. Klarner, G.E.P. Pearcey, Y. Sun, T.S. Barss, C. Kaupp, B. Munro, N. Frank, E.P. Zehr
2018Craig Brown (DMSC)Suppressing interferon gamma stimulates microglial responses and repair of microbleeds in the diabetic brainS. Taylor, E. Mehina, E. White, P. Reeson, K. Yongblah, K.P. Doyle, C.E. Brown
2018Lisa Kalynchuk (DMSC)Hector Caruncho (DMSC)Comparative study of two protocols for quantitative image-analysis of serotonin transporter clustering in lymphocytes, a putative biomarker of therapeutic efficacy in major depression.R. Romay-Tallon, T. Rivera-Baltanas, J. Allen, J.M. Olivares, L.E. Kalynchuk, H.J. Caruncho
2018Hector Caruncho (DMSC)Lisa Kalynchuk (DMSC)Mitochondria and Mood: Mitochondrial Dysfunction as a Key Player in the Manifestation of DepressionJ. Allen, R. Romay-Tallon, K.J. Brymer, H.J. Caruncho, L.E. Kalynchuk
2018Olav Krigolson (EPHE)Chasing the zone: Reduced beta power predicts baseball batting performance.A. Pluta, C.C. Williams, G. Binsted, K.G. Hecker , O.E. Krigolson
2018Olav Krigolson (EPHE)Alcohol hangover impacts learning and reward processing within the medial-frontal cortexA.D. Howse, C.D. Hassall, C.C. Williams, G. Hajcak, O.E. Krigolson
2017Olav Krigolson (EPHE)The application of reward learning in the real world: Changes in the reward positivity amplitude reflect learning in a medical education contextC.C. Williams, K.G. Heckerb, M.K. Paget, S.P. Coderre, K.W.Burak, B. Wright, O. E.Krigolsona
2017Olav Krigolson (EPHE)When theory and biology differ: The relationship between reward prediction errors and expectancyC.C. Williams, C.D. Hassall, R. Trska, C.B. Holroyd, O.E. Krigolson
2017Olav Krigolson (EPHE)Using Portable EEG to Assess Human Visual AttentionO.E. Krigolson, C.C. Williams, F.L. Colino
2017Olav Krigolson (EPHE)Choosing MUSE: Validation of a Low-Cost, Portable EEG System for ERP ResearchO.E. Krigolson, C.C. Williams, A. Norton, C.D. Hassall, F.L. Colino
2018Brian Christie (DMSC)Voluntary running increases hippocampal neurogenesis in adult Fmr1 knockout mice. C. Pinar, C.J. Fontaine, Z. Sharp, A. Meconi, A. Shamei, C.P. Lottenberg, T. Potluri, S.Y. Yau, B.R. Christie
2018Brian Christie (DMSC)The potential for animal models to provide insight into mild traumatic brain injury: Translational challenges and strategies.S.R. Shultz, S.J. McDonald, C. Vonder. Haar, A. Meconi, R. Vink, P. van Donkelaar, C. Taneja, G.L. Iverson, B.R. Christie
2018Brian Christie (DMSC)Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Produces Long-Lasting Deficits in Synaptic Plasticity in the Female Juvenile Hippocampus.E.R. White, C. Pinar, C.A. Bostrom, A. Meconi, B.R. Christie
2018Brian Christie (DMSC)The Effects of Ethanol Exposure During Distinct Periods of Brain Development on Oxidative Stress in the Adult Rat Brain.P.S. Brocardo, J. Gil-Mohapel, R.A. Wortman. Noonan, E. McGinnis, A.R. Patten, B.R. Christie
2018Brian Christie (DMSC)Effects of Isx-9 and stress on adult hippocampal neurogenesis: Experimental considerations and future perspectives.Bettio LEB, Gil-Mohapel J, Patten AR, O'Rourke NF, Hanley RP, Gopalakrishnan K, Wulff JE, Christie BR.
2018Brian Christie (DMSC)Patrick Nahirney (DMSC)Adolescent ethanol intake alters cannabinoid type-1 receptor localization in astrocytes of the adult mouse hippocampus.I. Bonilla-Del Rίo, N. Puente, S. Peñasco, I. Rico, A. Gutiérrez-Rodrίguez, I. Elezgarai, A. Ramos, L. Reguero, I. Gerrikagoitia, B.R. Christie, P. Nahirney, P. Grandes
2018Brian Christie (DMSC)Effects of Voluntary Exercise on Cell Proliferation and Neurogenesis in the Dentate Gyrus of Adult FMR1 Knockout MicePinar C, Yau SY, Sharp Z, Shamei A, Fontaine CJ, Meconi AL, Lottenberg CP, Christie BR.
2018Brian Christie (DMSC)Chronic minocycline treatment improves hippocampal neuronal structure, NMDA receptor function, and memory processing in Fmr1 knockout miceL. Bettio, M. Vetrici, A. Truesdell,C. Chiu, J. Chiu, E. Truesdell, B.R. Christie
2018Brian Christie (DMSC)Repeated mild traumatic brain injury can cause acute neurologic impairment without overt structural damage in juvenile rats.A. Meconi, R.C. Wortman, D.K. Wright, K.J. Neale, M. Clarkson, S.R. Shultz, B.R. Christie
2018Brian Christie (DMSC)Impaired spatial processing in a mouse model of fragile X syndrome.M. Ghilan, L.E.B. Bettio, A. Noonan, P.S. Brocardo, J. Gil-Mohapel, B.R. Christie
2017Brian Christie (DMSC)Revisiting the flip side: Long-term depression of synaptic efficacy in the hippocampus.C. Pinar, C.J. Fontaine, J. Triviño-Paredes, C.P. Lottenberg, J. Gil-Mohapel, B.R. Christie