New Research Help Model


UVic librarians have helped thousands of students to shape their research question, develop a search strategy, and find and cite their sources. Starting this fall, getting expert research help is even easier. Now students and other researchers can book a research help appointment with a librarian on the UVic Libraries website, and meet either in person or on Zoom. 

Students who need quick answers to basic library questions can still get them at front desks in the Law Library and the Mearns - McPherson Library. If you want to know how to print, where in the building to study, or how to look up a book or journal online, a friendly staff member will help you right away. 

If you need help with your research project, you can now book an appointment with one of UVic's many expert librarians or archivists. Staff at the front desk can walk you through the process, or you can do it yourself with the click of a button on the library website. Your research appointment can be in-person in the library, or you can choose to meet over Zoom. 

Either way, meeting with a librarian is a great way to make full use of all the resources of UVic Libraries. From books and journals to datasets, streaming audio and video, government documents, maps, and even bike locks, we’ve got something to help you succeed. 

Book a librarian appointment today