Ideafest 2018: March 6-11

Graphic Women: Beyond Stereotypes?

March 6 - 3:00-5:00 pm - McPherson Library A003

Amazons, heroines, femme fatales, objects of desire: contemporary graphic novels revisit, challenge and overcome these stereotypes in their depiction of female characters. Or do they? Experts will untangle the multiplicity of representations of women in the sequential arts using examples ranging from Victorian fiction to Persepolis.

Presenters include: Marina Bettaglio (Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies), Laurel Bowman (Department of Greek and Roman Studies), Hélène Cazes (Department of French), Justin Harrison (UVic Libraries), Mary Elizabeth Leighton, Sheila Rabillard, and Lisa Surridge (Department of English) and Audrey Yap (Department of Philosophy).

The Annual UVic Author Celebration

March 8 - 3:00-4:30 pm - UVic Bookstore

Each year, UVic faculty, staff, students and alumni publish an incredible amount of intellectual content, reflecting a wide range of research, teaching, personal, and professional interests. Join us as we celebrate books written by UVic authors, including an engaging panel discussion with authors from the UVic community on issues facing First Nations communities.

Moderated by: Rebecca Johnson (Professor of Law and & Associate Director, Indigenous Law Research Unit). Panel of Authors: John Borrows (Law), Lorna Williams (Education), Michele Tanaka (Education), and Paul Whitinui (Education).

On the Verge: Student Voices

March 8 - 4:30-6:00 pm - McPherson Library 129

Join us for a celebration of student voices, featuring the winners from Equity & Human Rights and UVic Libraries’ annual writing contest. Students will present their award-winning poetry, fiction, non-fiction and spoken word entries, sharing their unique stories and experience on themes of equity, diversity and human rights. All welcome!  Refreshments will be served.

Co-hosted by: Equity & Human Rights and UVic Libraries. Guest comments by celebrity judge Adèle Barclay.

Orient Expressions

March 9 - 1:00-2:30 pm - McPherson Library A003 and A025

Curious about what antiquarian books from China or Japan look like? In this interactive exhibition of items from UVic Libraries Special Collections and University Archives, see an imperial edict issued by the Jiaqing Emperor of China (1760–1820), a map of China created by French missionary and astronomer Pere Stanislas Chevalier, traditional Japanese music scores for Noh plays, modern classics in the Taishō modernism style of book design, and many others.

Presenters include: Tsung-Cheng Lin and Cody Poulton (Pacific and Asian Studies) and Ying Liu and Tad Suzuki (UVic Libraries).

Book Arts Interactive

March 10 - 10:30 am-12:30 pm - McPherson Library A003

Drop by Special Collections and University Archives to experience the basics of bookmaking and create a notebook or other memento to take home. Learn about printing, illustration and book construction in this interactive workshop led by UVic librarians and archivists. Be inspired by a display of beautiful printed books and periodicals, as well as illustrated manuscripts and related items, from UVic Libraries’ rare and unique collections.

A drop-in event suitable for families with children in Grade 4 and up.

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