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Arduino Workshop

Science Literacy Week: Digital Scholarship Commons

Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library

Digital Scholarship Commons (third floor)

We offer services to help students become well-versed in digital information fluency through one-on-one training, large workshops, digital curriculum development advice, tools, software, and more.

We have the following workshops scheduled for Science Literacy Week:

Introduction to Programmable Electronics with Arduino
September 17, 2:30pm

3D Printing Part 1: Design with TinkerCad
September 18, 2:30pm

3D Printing Part 2: Makerbot Print
September 18, 3:30pm

Introduction to Data Visualization, Mapping & Visual Narratives
September 19, 3:00pm

Introduction to Version Control with GitHub
September 20, 2:30pm

Introduction to Personal Websites with WordPress
September 21, 2:30pm

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