Curriculum Library moves to Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library

Curriculum Library move to McPherson Library

UVic Libraries will be merging the branch Curriculum Library into the Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library.  This merger will significantly enhance access to print education resources for students and faculty and reduce the duplication of resources and services.  

Materials in the Curriculum Library will be moved to Mearns Centre for Learning - McPherson Library, which is open nearly twice the number of hours each week as the Curriculum branch is able to be open, and where the majority of resources for Faculty of Education students and faculty already reside. The collection relocation and merger will also enable the reassignment of Curriculum library staff to areas of growth and demand across the university library system.

The existing Dewey classification system for curriculum resources will be maintained in the new location.  Some teaching resources (such as the puppets, curriculum kits, and story circle) may remain in the Faculty for use by students and instructors.  

To help address this operational change and to ensure a thoughtful and smooth transition, a joint UVic Libraries and Faculty of Education working group has been established.  The Curriculum Library will be closed after April 27, 2018, and the merger is expected to be completed by May 31, 2018. 

For more information regarding library resources and collections, contact Dr. Shailoo Bedi, Director of Academic Commons & Strategic Assessment, UVic Libraries at

To suggest ideas on the use or transformation of the new Faculty of Education space, contact Dr. James Nahachewsky, Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Education at

Faculty and Student FAQs regarding closure and merger.