An important message from the University of Victoria Legacy Art Galleries

Hello all,

I would like to update you on the work happening at Legacy Art Galleries to address racism and colonialism.

In line with our mission to be a site for dialogue around issues that matter we have been meeting as a staff almost every month for over a year to discuss de-colonizing our museum practices. However, feeling a certain urgency to take action and keep each other accountable, we have stepped up our meetings to every two weeks. We are now actively devoting staff time to the following actions:

• Reading and consulting as many resources as possible on dismantling white supremacy and sharing with each other what we have learned

• Prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of IBPOC colleagues, creators and publics

• Amplifying work already being done by IBPOC artists, curators, and arts professionals through our programming, exhibition and communication platforms

• Involving our students and interns in these discussions with an eye to cultivating the future leaders needed within our society

• Applying an anti-racist lens to reflect on our policies, practices and programming

• Strengthening long-term, reciprocal relationships with our community partners 

• Building alliances with local organizations doing anti-racist work

• Advocating for anti-racism projects and practices across the University of Victoria

We have promised to do this work with open hearts, to remain humble and supportive, to listen deeply and foster an openness to change no matter how difficult it may be.


Mary Jo Hughes, Director