UVic Global Community

The UVic Global Community initiative provides opportunities and creates space for international and domestic students, staff, and faculty to share perspectives, celebrate diversity, foster intercultural connections, and cultivate an inclusive and globally minded campus.

The Global Community endeavours to:

  • Connect international, indigenous and domestic students
  • Support all students’ well-being, social inclusivity and academic success
  • Respect the beliefs, values, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities of all people
  • Empower students to get involved and take on leadership roles
  • Unify and enrich our global citizenry

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Conversation Partners 

The Conversation Partners Program provides students with opportunities to practice and improve their conversational English skills all while building global relationships.

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Mentorship program

Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is an opportunity for students to explore intercultural connections, make new friends, and receive support as they navigate their social and academic transition to UVic.

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Find out how you can support the UVic Global Community initiative in supporting students in their transition to UVic, and cultivating an inclusive and globally minded campus.

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Events & Activities

Join UVic Global Community events! They are open to all international and domestic students, staff, and faculty and encourage celebrating diversity and fostering intercultural connections.

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Holiday dinner program

Every December, students from the international community at UVic are invited into the homes of UVic students, staff, faculty, and alumni for festive holiday dinners, featuring good food and great conversation.

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The Global Community newsletter is a biweekly publication that provides important dates and information, features opportunities for studying abroad, and highlights intercultural engagement, both locally and around the globe. 

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For questions and to learn more about the UVic Global Community, contact:

International students talk frankly, openly and genuinely about what they love about their life at the University of Victoria.