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Religion, Culture and Society opens your mind to new perspectives. Morgan Mikkelsen says religious studies challenges you to examine social issues from varied points of view.

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Curious about the traditions of major world religions? We offer fascinating courses that explore religion and culture from historical and contemporary perspectives.

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Undergraduate student Zoé Duhaime’s JCURA research project explored diverse methods of timekeeping, and how they can be minded and navigated within the secular state.

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Dr. Paul Bramadat (professor and director of the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society) is studying west coast eco-spirituality and the place of religion, reverence and reason in Cascadia.

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Students in the Religion, Culture and Society Program have a range of opportunities to enhance their studies through participation in events, scholarship programs and wide selection of eligible electives.

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Faculty from departments across campus come together to explore contemporary and historical perspectives of religion. Professor Shamma Boyarin's research looks at the influence of religion in heavy metal.

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Religion, Culture and Society focuses on the place and function of religions in society—today and in the past.

Through the exploration of both traditional and spiritual dimensions of religion, we look at the important role that religion plays in the social, political and artistic spheres of most human societies.

Studying religion connects us to politics, identity, literature and the big questions: why are we on earth, what happens after we die, how can we lead a good life and are we connected to each other as human beings.
—Shamma Boyarin, program director

Our program reflects the growing diversity of belief systems within Canada, emphasizing the need to understand differences and similarities between religions in our increasingly interconnected world.

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