Why study philosophy?

Are you interested in big questions?

So are we!

Maybe you've wondered about some of the issues that we face as a society.

Or do you think about some more timeless problems?

You might also wonder whether there's more to your mind than just your brain, what makes art valuable, or how science helps us understand the world. We've thought a lot about these issues, and you can join the conversation in our classes.

Do you want to get better at writing, critical thinking, and communicating your ideas?

These are the skills you learn in philosophy classes.

Critical Thinking and Symbolic Logic are popular with students who want to prepare for taking standardized tests. But if you're serious about picking the best degree to get a high score, you might want to look at the data:

So it's not surpising that employers who recognize the importance of these skills (Be Employable, Study Philosophy). Just take a look at this list of famous philosophy majors or this list of 10 extremely successful people who majored in the humanities.