12 March 2016

Medieval Minutes 2-3pm Library A003


HHB 105 The “off- medieval-workshop”

3:00 Niall Christie, The Great Mice at Cordoba: Medieval Islamic Imagery in David Petersen's Mouse Guard

3:30 Robert Steacy, Medieval Mathematics and Maths Station

4:00 Martial art (demonstration, Blood and Iron)

5:30 Concert: Banquo Folk Ensemble

6:00 Magic: performed by artist David Gifford

6:30 Dance: led by Karen Domer

Displays and stations

Medieval Forensics: Erin McGuire
Gaulker Medieval Wares
Poster fair (students in Medieval Studies and Religious Studies)

HHB 110

4:00 Ed Schaefer,  Stained Glass Windows
4:00 Karen Domer, Textile and Fibers table

HHB 116 4:00-5:30 The Scriptorium  

Illumination and Calligraphy: Jamie Kemp
Book binding: Michael Lines
Islamic geometrical art (TBA)
Colours and pigments: Barbara Gordon
Parchment: Joan Kew
Gilding: Tammy Williams

HHB 120 Munching Eating Drinking Tasting Sharing Talking

Bring food and healthy drinks (ie no alcohol) to keep everyone going!