Medieval Minutes

Image Wiki Commons, Aberdeen Bestiary (Aberdeen University Library, Univ Lib. MS 24,  12th-century English)

Mediecal Minutes is part of Ideafest and will be held in the Macpherson Library, Special Collections on March 11th at 11:00 am.

Medieval Minutes invites you to centuries of writing, singing, decorating, and... sharing! The program Manuscripts in the Curriculum, organized by Les Enluminures, brings to the University of Victoria, for the Spring, 21 old manuscripts that are new to us. Come and discover these traveling treasures, under the guidance of students and professors from the program of Medieval Studies. As usual, short presentations and posters will introduce us to the manuscripts: let’s experience the middle ages (and the later ages) together!

Everyone is welcome. RSVP:
Please check the MEDI website and Mardinalia website for more information.
This event is free open to all.