Dr. Pablo Restrepo-Gautier

Dr. Pablo Restrepo-Gautier
Associate Professor
Hispanic and Italian Studies
Office: CLE B447


Area of expertise

17th century Spanish theatre and fiction; Post-Franco fiction; Contemporary Colombian fiction; Gender studies; Humour studies

Dr. Restrepo-Gautier's main area of European Studies research is 17th-century Spain. He is currently studying and editing a group of plays whose main characters are women working in traditional male occupations: military, policing, the law. He also does research on cultural products such as the emblem, which is key to understanding the Baroque way of thinking. A more recent field of study for him focuses on the Spanish Crown’s exploration of the Pacific Northwest between 1774 and 1793, which brought Spain and Great Britain to the brink of war in what is known as the Nootka Incident.