Minor in European Studies

Minor in European Studies

The minor in European Studies is an interdisciplinary program that enables students to obtain an understanding of Europe’s complex history, culture, and fast-paced political landscape. The program analyzes Europe and the European Union in a systematic way by bringing together the many specialists at UVic with different fields of expertise, scholarly approaches, and methodologies. 

To complete the Minor, besides your Major: 


Complete the Core Courses:

  • EUS 100 - Introduction to European Studies (1.5)
  • EUS 200 - Introduction to European Cultures and Identities (1.5)
  • EUS 300 - European Integration: Socio-Economic and Political Developments (1.5)

Other Requirements:

  • 7.5 units of upper-level elective courses, including: 
    • EUS 390A - Directed Studies in Europe I (1.5)
    • EUS 400 - The European Legacy (1.5)
    • EUS 490  - Special Topics in European Studies (1.5)
    • EUS 495 - Directed Experiential Learning in European Studies (1.5)
  • An extensive list of eligible courses
  • Other relevaent courses, as approved by the program
  • No more than 3.0 units may be taken from any single department except with the permission of the program
  • 1.5 units of courses in a European language other than English

General students must have 9.0 units of upper level courses.

Use academic advising's Program Planning Worksheet to plan your EUS General or Minor.

All students are strongly encouraged to plan their program in consultation with the Program Coordinator for European Studies (). For further information please visit the UVic Academic Calendar

If you wish to count a course as an elective that is not listed among the Eligible Courses, please consult with the EUS program coordinator. Topics and other courses may be approve with permission of the Program.

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