Jamie Cassels undergraduate research award (JCURA)

JCURA 2015
UVic President Dr. Jamie Cassels conversing with a 2015 Germanic and Slavic Studies JCURA award recipient.

JCURA was established in 2009-10 as the Undergraduate Research Scholarship program by then Vice-President Academic and Provost, Dr. Jamie Cassels. It is designed to provide support for exceptional undergraduate students who might otherwise not be able to obtain a direct research experience as a part of what is a truly formative learning experience. The Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) administers the award nomination process on behalf of the Provost’s Office.

  • Isobel Austin (Supervisor Peter Gölz): “Children of the Night: Lilith’s Little Sisters” 
  • Samuel Martin (Supervisor Julia Rochtchina): “Russian Cultural Attitudes towards the Citizen-State Relationship”
  • Emma Murray (Supervisor Olga Pressitch) with the project The Impact of Euromaidan on Ukraine
  • Stephanie Kates (Supervisor Charlotte Schallie) with the project A Pro-Nazi Vichy Regime: France's Collaboration in the Holocaust
  • Tia Lund (Supervisor Elena Pnevmonidou) with the project Human Trafficking in German Refugee Camps and Law Enforcement’s Response
  • Jesse Bachmann (Supervisor Dr.  Matt Pollard) with the project Nietzsche and Heavy Metal.
  • Devon McKinnon (Supervisor Dr. Serhy Yekelchyk) with the project "Remembering the Gulag: Memory and Amnesia in Post-Communist Russia" 
  • Jeffery Simpson (Supervisor Dr. Julia Rochtchina) with the project on pre-Christian deities of the Slavic people.
  • Alexandra Hill, “Pussy Riot and the Art of Subversive Protest”(supervised by Megan Swift).
  • Lucas McKinnon, “A Life Incomplete: Towards a Poetics of Inexhaustibility”(supervised by Elena Pnevmonidou).

Lauren Thompson (Supervisor Dr. Helga Thorson) with the project "Bertha Pappenheim’s Tragische Momente: Drei Lebensbilder (1913): Politics Represented through Drama";

Erin Lowey (Supervisor Dr. Ulf Schuetze) with the project "Learning the German Subjunctive in Conversation with Native Speakers and an Online Grammar Toolbar"; and

Rowan Meredith (Supervisor Dr. Megan Swift) with the project "LGBT rights in Russia and the Sochi Olympics".

Taylor Antoniazzi with the project Vampires Prefer Blondes: From Nosferatu to Buffy (Supervisor Dr. Peter Gölz);

Elise Polkinghorne with the project (Re)Building, (Re)Creating and (Re)Imagining: Postmemory Representations of Family Through the Eyes of Rafael Goldchain and Art Spiegelman (Supervisor Dr. Charlotte Schallié);

Carley Campbell with the project Female Terrorists in the Tzarist Russia: Motivations, Reverence, and Social Concept of Suffering (Supervisor Dr. Serhy Yekelchyk).