PhD candidate Emmanuelle Guenette awarded 2021 President’s Fellowship in Research-Enriched Teaching

imageCongratulations to our PhD candidate, Emmanuelle Guenette, on being awarded a 2021 President’s Fellowship in Research-Enriched Teaching!

While her native language is French, Emmanuelle has been teaching five undergraduate Russian language courses, and in a language that is also foreign to her - English! This twofold linguistic endeavour gives her the unique vantage point of a learner, and naturally leads her to a learner-centered teaching style.

Her teaching style is also informed by both cognitive approaches to language learning and sociocultural theory. She brings innovative teaching techniques using animated presentations and digital whiteboards; and informal learning assessments through quizes, check-ins, and humor to engage with each student and get the most out of every class.

This award recognizes her commitment to learning and research-enriched teaching that will enhance the overall quality of the education received by undergraduate students at the University of Victoria.

Well done Emmanuelle! We look forward to your classes in Spring 2022!

SLST 102 - Beginning Russian II

SLST 202 - Imtermediate Russian II