Sikata Banerjee's book Muscular Nationalism

Muscular Nationalism: Gender, Violence, and Empire in India and Ireland, 1914-2004, the latest book by women's studies Professor Sikata Banerjee, is available from NYU Press.

Muscular Nationalism

From the publisher's description:

A particular dark triumph of modern nationalism has been its ability to persuade citizens to sacrifice their lives for a political vision forged by emotional ties to a common identity. Both men and women can respond to nationalistic calls to fight that portray muscular warriors defending their nation against an easily recognizable enemy. This “us versus them” mentality can be seen in sectarian violence between Hindus and Muslims, Tamils and Sinhalas, Serbs and Kosovars, and Protestants and Catholics. In Muscular Nationalism, Sikata Banerjee takes a comparative look at India and Ireland and the relationship among gender, violence, and nationalism.

One of the book's reviewers is world-renowned international relations scholar Cynthia Enloe, who says, "Muscular Nationalism is so gritty and smart. Sikata Banerjee reveals how in both Ireland and India a nationalized masculinism has relied on controlling ideas and practices of femininity. This is feminist analysis at its sharpest.”