Laura Parisi awarded $200,000 SSHRC partnership development grant

Around the world, government support for human rights and women's rights based organizations is in danger of disappearing. International development donations are shifting away from long-term projects that look at the root causes of poverty and create ongoing solutions. More and more funding is being diverted to programs that focus on "efficiency" and offer easily measurable, short-term gains. This shift is happening in spite of the fact that the human rights approach has been shown time and again to represent best practice in the delivery of international development programs.

Dr. Laura Parisi will direct a $197,692 SSHRC partnership development project, working with the Victoria International Development Education Association (VIDEA) and practitioners from Canada, the U.K. and southern Africa. Their goals are: 1) to examine the impact of the deteriorating international aid environment on the ability of southern-African partners to deliver human and gender rights programs, and 2) to develop strategies and solutions that will enable human rights organizations worldwide to preserve their focus on long-term, sustainable development.

The project is titled, “Responding to New International Development Aid  Modalities: Identifying New Best Practices for Building Long-Term Sustainability in Human and Gender Rights International Development Organizations.”