CFUV podcast - Dr. Cynthia Enloe's Lansdowne lecture

Thank you to Robyn Spilker, CFUV Women's Radio Collective Coordinator! Robyn played Dr. Cynthia Enloe's Lansdowne lecture "How Can you Tell if We Are Living in a ‘Post-war’ Era? Some Feminist Warnings" on International Women's Day and made it available as a podcast.

Dr. Cynthia Enloe

Dr. Cynthia Enloe is a world renowned expert on the gendered politics of militarization and globalization. Her talk will address the gendered implications of Canada’s “post-war” eras of World War II and the war in Somalia, and the soon to be “post-war” era of the Afghanistan war. Why do these periods last so long? Do they ever end? Paying close attention to how women experience long “post-wars” will reveal important insights about the actual costs and consequences of war.

Dr. Enloe is a Research Professor, Department of International Development, Community and Environment and Department of Women’s Studies at Clark University (Massachusetts, USA). She is the author of twelve books and the recipient of many awards for both research and teaching.