French Language Master Class


The Department of French of the University of Victoria offers a Master Class on the French Language open to the Uvic community.

The French Language Master Class is not:


  • A replacement for a course or a class
  • A preparation session for any homework given in a course
  • A review of any instructor's notes, corrections, or advice
  • A preparation session for any exam, test or quiz
  • A replacement for any lab or the French Help Center designed for students of French


The French Language Master Class is:


  • An open forum to tackle any question pertaining to the French language
  • Facilitated by an expert
  • Open to all levels (groups may be formed if levels are too different)
  • Free and open to the UVic community




  • 8 sessions (90 minutes each)
  • Each session divided in 3 half-hours, with a break in-between
  • The public is welcome to attend any number of sessions, and to join or leave at any of the breaks during a session
  • Conducted in French or English depending on the level of  the participants
  • There will be no relation or sequence from one session to the next, and no home work given. Some material may be used, displayed, or handed out


Topics covered:

  • Any questions from participants will be covered first
  • If there are no (more) questions from participants, topics of common interest will be tackled, such as:
    • French pronunciation
    • French spelling
    • Lexical morphology (how words are built)
    • Grammatical morphology: conjugations, agreements, pronouns, etc.
    • Articles and prepositions
    • Style and sentence structure
    • Comparison with English, translation


Time, place, facilitator:


Time:                  Wednesdays 3-4:30 pm: Jan 27, Feb 3, 17, 24, Mar 2, 9, 16, 23, 2016

Place:                 CLE C112

Facilitator:     Dr. Emmanuel Hérique, Department of French, UVic

                      ; tel: 250-595-2544