FYI Faculty Forum - January 25th, 2019

The English Department's FYI (Forum for Your Ideas) invites you to the first FYI event of 2019!

Michael Nowlin presents "'Fatally Regarded as a Negro Writer’: The Case of Richard Wright".  This talk will focus on Richard Wright’s efforts to chart a new literary path after the phenomenal success of Native Son (1940) and Black Boy (1945). 

Samuel Wong presents "Taking Things in Order: Chronological Imaginations of Literature".  How does the imagination of temporal sequence inform the way we discuss the works we teach? Does the absence of a sequence—when the time of a text is unknown or speculative—subvert, or liberate, that discussion?  This talk grows out of Samuel Wong's own dependence on chronology as a way of thinking about texts, often at the expense of other approaches, and the use of chronology as a kind of convenient shorthand for teaching literary history.  When we set a timeline, what is revealed and what is obscured?

On Friday, January 25th, join us for a great afternoon of free coffee, tea, cookies and discussion from 2:30pm onwards in CLE C344!