English students working with Ocean Networks Canada

Students in English department Technical Communications courses ENGR 120 (Design and Communication II) and ENGR 240 (Technical Writing) are developing their writing and research skills by partnering with Ocean Networks Canada (ONC, http://www.oceannetworks.ca).

Students in enrolled in these classes interact with representatives of ONC, their “clients,” to learn more about the needs of this world-class ocean research facility. They then prepare technical reports and presentations recommending solutions to real world problems. The English department is proud to offer students opportunities to put their communication skills into action and celebrates student contributions to the work of ONC.

For more information about the ONC, see this recent university press release:  http://www.uvic.ca/home/about/campus-news/2017+federal-funds-uvic-ocean-climate-hub+media-release. More information about ENGR 120 and ENGR 240 can be found in the university calendar (here: http://web.uvic.ca/calendar2016-05/CDs/ENGR/120.html and here: http://web.uvic.ca/calendar2016-05/CDs/ENGR/240.html).