UVic Summer Academy on Genocide Studies and Human Rights


The Faculty of Humanities is proud to announce the inaugural session of the University of Victoria’s Summer Academy on Genocide Studies and Human Rights Education in the summer of 2020. Themed “Understanding Atrocity,” this week-long course for 15-17 year olds features an in-depth introduction to the role played by individuals in moments of mass atrocity:

  • How individuals create their own identities, forming “in” and “out” groups
  • How those processes can have widespread impacts, both positive and negative
  • How they generate patterns of obligation and responsibility towards the people around them

Through the study of the Holocaust, you will learn how individuals’ identities shaped their obligations, and therefore their actions. Expert professors from UVic will instruct you on issues of human rights and the Holocaust. Lectures will target key areas that will allow you to better understand the complex psychology of genocidal behaviour. 

In the second half of the week, you will apply the skills you have learned to our situation today. Working with UVic Libraries to create digital media—blog posts, digital exhibitions, video, etc.—you will create an advocacy project for a group you feel is underrepresented. Your project will apply the lessons you learned studying historical atrocity to help others understand how individuals conceive of their obligations to others, and to show bystanders why they should intervene. 


Our staff blends senior scholars in the relevant fields with undergraduate facilitators who can relate readily to you. All our staff have

  • expertise in the relevant subject areas
  • experience in facilitating group inquiry in difficult subjects
  • completed reference checks
  • current criminal record checks


The academy is open to all BC high school students aged 15-17 years (as of 1 August 2020). Students who wish to attend from outside Victoria are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.


The fee for the week-long Academy is $195. It includes some snack breaks and all course materials.


The academy will run twice in this inaugural year:

  • Aug. 10-14, 9 am - 4 pm daily
  • Aug. 17-21, 9 am - 4 pm daily

The activities are varied, and classroom time is balanced by plenty of opportunities for active learning in the UVic Libraries and elsewhere on campus.


The academy will be held on campus at UVic. Details to be confirmed.

Code of Conduct

The academy is founded upon notions of mutual responsibility and obligation. As such, any behaviour that is persistently disruptive or disrespectful will be grounds for expulsion from the academy, at the instructors’ discretion.


For more information, please email Charlotte Schallié at schallie@uvic.ca.