Message from the dean


Hello and welcome to the Faculty of Humanities,

It is with great pleasure that I begin my tenure as Acting Dean of Humanities, even as we enter this unprecedented period resulting from the rise of COVID-19.

Under different circumstances, I would write an Acting Dean’s Message that sets forth my vision for the coming year, outlining the ways in which I will continue to support and cultivate this incredible community of scholars, students, administrators and support staff. These are exceptional times, however.

Beginning in mid-March, we moved all Humanities courses online while our staff transitioned to remote work sites and continued without interruption to provide the support and services that our academic community requires. I want to acknowledge that many faculty members, support staff, and undergraduate and graduate students are experiencing unexpected hardships in this new reality — and that, depending on their circumstances, some are facing greater challenges than others. We are working diligently to ensure that the Humanities continues to deliver high quality academic programming and that members of our community receive the care and resources they need.

For now, then, I will follow the lead of the remarkable Humanities team and return to the task of serving our community and guiding the Faculty through these uncertain times to the very best of my ability.

In solidarity,

Dr. Annalee Lepp
Acting Dean of Humanities


Humanities Acting Dean Annalee Lepp 2020