Annual report

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Every year we collect stories and updates from around the Faculty to celebrate our community’s successes and share their accomplishments with you in the pages of our annual reports.

Our most recent edition, the 2020 annual report, is noteworthy for two reasons in particular.

First, it records (and was produced within) almost a full year of remote learning and working during the COVID-19 pandemic – a time of uncertainty, sacrifice and loss across the globe. We acknowledge and honour the hardships faced by so many groups and individuals throughout this period.

Although there were many challenges, the pages of this annual report tell another side of the story: they show some of the ways in which our community adapted, persevered and thrived under these trying conditions through stories, photos, articles and even a few comics.

The second noteworthy aspect of the 2020 annual report is that it will be the last to follow the calendar year. Next year we will switch to follow the academic calendar more closely, publishing the 2021-22 annual report in mid-summer.

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Past Editions

The Faculty of Humanities launched its first-ever annual reports celebrating the achievements and activities in 2017 and 2018. Featuring students, faculty members, alumni and staff from across the Humanities, the report is organized according to our faculty's four mission pillars: enrich human dignity, provoke critical inquiry, engage myriad voices, and inspire innovative expression.

Philosophy alumnus and artist Akira Weng created posters that illustrate each pillar of our mission for inclusion in the first two annual reports. In 2019 and 2020 he was invited to design the entire publication. Weng, who grew up in Victoria, works on design in his free time. While he was a student, he won the faculty's first design competition, called Legendary Humanities. "Studying in the Humanities has enriched and influenced all aspects of my life, including design," Weng says.


humanities 2017 annual report front cover


humanities annual report 2018 front cover


humanities 2019 annual report front cover