Undergraduate courses


Course Number Course Name and link to calendar description
ADMN 200         
International Community Development Through Activism and Capacity Building
ADMN 310         
Public Sector Economics
ADMN 311         
Introduction to Public Administration
ADMN 312         
Managing in Public and Non-Profit Organizations
ADMN 314         
Public Sector Research and Analysis
ADMN 316         
Written Communications in the Public and Non-Profit Sectors
ADMN 407          
Managing Service Delivery
ADMN 409         
Leading and Managing in the Non-Profit Sector
ADMN 411 Public Sector Project Management
ADMN 420          
The Public Policy Process
ADMN 421          Financial Management
ADMN 422         
Ethical Public Management
ADMN 423         
Local Government in British Columbia
ADMN 431A       
Public Sector Human Resources Management
ADMN 431B Labour Relations Negotiations
ADMN 437         
Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement
ADMN 445         
Urban and Regional Economics
ADMN 446          Local Government Land Use Planning
ADMN 452         
Local Government Law
ADMN 462 Intergovernmental Relations in Canada
ADMN 470  Contemporary Topics in Administration (topics vary)
ADMN 477         
Strategic Planning and Implementation
ADMN 478 European Union Urban Region Policies
ADMN 490 Directed Studies – as advised by Program Manager