Course offerings

All courses are online unless otherwise noted.  

Spring 2024

Course Number Course Title
ADMN 310 Public Sector Economics
ADMN  311 *     Introduction to Public Administration (POLI 350)
ADMN 312 Leading and Managing in Public and Non-Profit Sectors
ADMN  314 Public Sector Research and Analysis
ADMN  330 Indigenous Governance in Canada
- also listed as ICDG 301 (below)
ADMN 331 Governance for Planetary Health
ADMN 409 Non-profit Governance and Management
ADMN  420 The Public Policy Process
ADMN  431A Public Sector Human Resource Management
ADMN  437 Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement
ADMN  445 Urban and Regional Development
ADMN 470 Special Topic: Reforming Government
with Dr. Evert Lindquist
ADMN 477 Strategic Planning and Implementation
ICDG 301 Indigenous Governance in Canada
- also listed as ADMN  330 (above)
ICDG 304 Strategic Planning and Implementation

*On campus for this term only


Summer 2024

Information available mid-February 2024

Fall 2024, Spring 2025

Information available mid-June 2024